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Refrigeration temperature 5-7 degrees C up to 42 degrees below ambient
Deep freezing capability *** -18degrees C

How does this refrigeration principle work?
Compressor cooling appliances work with a CFC-free refrigerant that changes from liquid to gas as it flows through the evaporator. In the process the evaporator extracts heat from the refrigeration compartment. The compressor draws in the gaseous refrigerant, compresses it and passes it on to the condenser. Here, the absorbed heat is released to the atmosphere. The refrigerant changes to the original liquid state and flows back to the evaporator, where the cycle starts again.

  • Problem-free operation with 12/24 volts DC, or 12/24vdc 100/240 volts AC
  • Refrigeration and deep-freezing
  • Excellent cooling performance even at extreme outside temperatures
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Integrated battery protection
  • Ideal for solar operation

Are they classed as a refrigerators?
Yes, the same technology as domestic commercial refrigeration, but on portable scale & bespoke design.

Can I use the cooler as a portable freezer?
Yes, models offer -10 degree ** (keeps produce for 2 weeks) or -18 degrees *** keeps produce for 3 months.

How long do they take to get cool?
5 to 7 degrees in 15 to 20 minutes
-10 degrees ** freezing in 50 minutes
-18 degrees *** deep freezing in 1hr

What cooling performance can I expect from my compressor refrigerator?
5 to 7 degrees refrigerator temperature at up to 42.5 degrees ambient
-10 ** freezing or *** – 18 degrees deep freezing at up to 42.5 degrees ambient

How do I choose the correct refrigerator or cool box for my holiday or requirements?
It is important to consider the type of climate you’ll be in, while using your portable cooler. 

Thermoelectric and absorption coolers will cool between 18–30 °C below the ambient temperature. 

Clearly, this may not be adequate if you are travelling in a region where temperatures reach 30 °C or more. And so in hot regions, Dometic recommend using a compressor cooler. As shown in the table below, the cooling performance is so powerful that it can deep-freeze in even the hottest ambient temperatures: 

Cooling technology

Outside temperature

Internal temperature achieved


40 °C

22 °C to 10 °C (depending on model)


40 °C

20 °C to 10 °C (depending on model)


40 °C

Preset temperature within range: 10 °C down to –22 °C (depending on model)

How do I calculate the battery consumption of my compressor refrigerator?
The compressor technical data will confirm the power input requirements in watts. 45watts / 12v = 3.75Ahrs per hr (average car battery size 60 to 70Ahrs, you should expect 60% of this power to be available). As compressor refrigerators are thermostatically controlled, the compressor will only run, when the thermostat confirms that the fridge temperature inside the compartment has risen above the set temperature. The compressor technical data will confirm the average run time over 24hrs. (see example)

45watts / 12v = 3.75Ahrs per hr Average run time 22% at 32 degrees temperature = only 0.675 amps per hr ( = 18% of 3.75Amp hrs).

* For deep-freezing approximately double the Amp hr power consumption.

Can I leave the cool box on in my vehicle if the vehicle engine is switched off?
Yes, as long as the vehicle is wired for this. But be aware of the battery consumption per hr (guide above). Some models offer an active battery security feature of (High, Med, Low) High meaning early cut out on 12v usually 11.8vdc down to 10.5 please refer to the instructions.

Can I operate the cooler in any angle?
Recommended tilt angle up to 45 degrees.

What ventilation do I need to allow?
External ventilation is not necessary with compressor refrigerators, as less heat is generated compared to an absorption unit. The compressor motor is hermetically sealed so no fumes or gases are emitted. If you are intending to install a compressor refrigerator into a compartment, ensure that both sides of the wooden compartment have airflow circulation from other compartments.

It is good practice to position a vent to the front of the compartment top & bottom, to allow cooler air from the main living area to enter the void behind the refrigerator. The more airflow you can pass over the compressor & condenser, the less frequently the compressor will be required to run & therefore less battery consumption will be used.

How do I calculate the capacity of the cool box?
29 Litres = 1 cubic ft (the average household refrigerator is 4 cubic ft or 90Ltrs).

Which models include a thermostat?
All models.

Can I extend the 12v power cable?
Yes, please follow the manufacturers guidelines in the owners manuals, in respect of cable lengths & thicknesses over distance to avoid power loss.

Recommended cable thickness over distance
Up to 2m, use no less than 2.5mm cross sectional dia cable (marine grade)
Up to 4m, use no less than 4mm cross sectional dia cable (marine grade)
At 6m + use no less than 6mm cross sectional dia cable (marine grade)