Thermo-Electric Solutions

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Thermoelectric (Peltier) Coolers (12v 24v or 230v)
Chill temperature inside coolbox between 5-7 degrees C up to 30 degrees below ambient
Heat function up to 65 degrees C (to keep food warm)

How do these coolboxes work?
Thermoelectric cool boxes are light weight but effective solution to deliver cold energy, for keeping food fresh & drinks chilled on the move. This creates a cold reaction, or a hot reaction if the supply voltage is reversed. The cold energy is then circulated inside the box via a fan, the heat is driven out by another fan located on the inside of the lid or side of the box. The box is usually insulated with polystyrene or polyurethane to retain the cold energy.

Are they classed as a refrigerators?
No. the technology is not a form of refrigeration, it cools to a target temperature below the ambient where it is located (home,car, or outside).

Can I use the cooler as a portable freezer?
No, for keeping produce chilled only (frozen food is star rated & marked with the requirements of either **-10 degrees c or ***-18 degrees for deep freezing, we would recommend a portable compressor fridge freezer.

How long do they take to get cool?
Thermoelectric coolboxes usually take up to 1 hour to get cool, it is sensible to use a 230v to 12v mains adapter to conserve battery power. (Use Y501230 230v-12v mains adapter) this also enables you to use your cool box at home or on mains hook up.

What cooling performance can I expect from my TE coolbox?
These type of coolers aim to deliver 5-7 degrees c inside the cooler, at up to 25 degrees outside ambient. There are other coolers with larger peltier units & enhance insulation which can achieve up to 30 degrees below ambient.

How do I choose the correct refrigerator or cool box for my holiday or requirements?
It is important to consider the type of climate you’ll be in, while using your portable cooler. 

Thermoelectric and absorption coolers will cool between 18–30 °C below the ambient temperature. 

Clearly, this may not be adequate if you are travelling in a region where temperatures reach 30 °C or more. And so in hot regions, Dometic recommend using a compressor cooler. As shown in the table below, the cooling performance is so powerful that it can deep-freeze in even the hottest ambient temperatures:

Cooling technology

Outside temperature

Internal temperature achieved


40 °C

22 °C to 10 °C (depending on model)


40 °C

20 °C to 10 °C (depending on model)


40 °C

Preset temperature within range: 10 °C down to –22 °C (depending on model)

How do I calculate the battery consumption of my cool box?
The cool box will be stamped with the power consumption in Watts. Divide watts by the supply voltage. (see example)

45watts / 12v = 3.75Ahrs per hr (average car battery size 60 to 70Ahrs, you should expect 60% of this power to be available).

Can I leave the cool box on in my vehicle if the vehicle engine is switched off?
Yes, as long as the vehicle is wired for this. But be aware of the battery consumption per hr (guide above) Some models offer an active battery security feature, alternatively it can be purchased as an accessory.

Can I operate the cooler in any location?
It is best to operate the cooler sitting horizontally, refer to the instructions not to block the airflow to the cooling fan.

What ventilation do I need to allow?
Allow good ventilation all around cooler whilst in your vehicle, avoid blocking fan with coats or blankets if housed in a compartment make sure there is significant air flow at front,sides & top of compartment.

How do I calculate the capacity of the cool box?
29 Litres = 1 cubic ft (the average household refrigerator is 4 cubic ft or 90Ltrs).

Which models include a thermostat?
The TropiCool range.